The Mindset of Kitchen Lighting

The strategy of kitchen lighting is actually unlike the lighting strategy of other types of rooms. Most rooms you’ll want to ensure your ambient (general) lighting is handled before moving to task and accent lighting. 

When it comes to kitchen lighting however, you’ll want to start with task lighting, then move to accent lighting, and finally you’ll fill the rest in with ambient lighting. The reason for this is because the kitchen is a uniquely task-oriented room. Each part of the cooking process can benefit from specific light fixtures that are designed to make that particular task easier.

Once you get that down — as well as some accent features that will highlight interesting design features or artwork — getting the rest of the room lit should fall nicely into place. 

And if you’d like to add in a further degree of customization, you can always compliment your lighting setup with dimmers to help set the mood and ensure bright lights can be taken down a notch if need be.

Kitchen Lighting From Floor to Ceiling

Now that you’ve learned the right frame of mind to create the best possible kitchen lighting, we’ll go into choosing individual fixtures for each major type of lighting you’ll find in the kitchen. We’ll start from the floor and make our way up to the ceiling.

Toe Kick Lights

Toe kick lights are often placed under low cabinets and islands and provide a warm welcoming feel that permeates your kitchen. They are also a great way to make your way around the kitchen when it gets dark.

If you have high-gloss floors, LED light strips can reflect the individual bulbs. A helpful way to counter this reflection is to use diffused lenses or simply mounting those strips on their sides.

Under Cabinet Lights

One of the best ways to make use of the space underneath your hanging cabinets is by installing under cabinet lighting. These types of lights are a relatively recent development in kitchen lighting trends, but they make up a powerful portion of modern kitchen lighting design strategy. 

Not only do they create a warm glow, but they also cut down on the shadows that cabinets cast. These stylish lights are a great way to increase usable counter space by getting the task lighting you need in a place that wouldn’t have it otherwise.

Sconces And Other Wall Lights

Wall lighting is a key part of providing supplemental lighting in your kitchen. You can use sconces and other types of wall lights to shine a bit of extra light over cooking areas. They are also a great aesthetic addition, especially if you match their design to your hanging light fixtures.

Suspended Or Hanging Lights

Hanging lights are some of the most powerful aesthetic pieces in your kitchen. Some of the most popular types of hanging lights to use are chandeliers and pendants. An especially popular option in the modern kitchen is to hang a series of pendants over a kitchen island table. 

Hanging lights are where your style and the uniqueness of your home can really shine forth. At Butler Lighting, we have a wide range for you to choose from. From fixtures that offer focused lighting to illuminate specific tasks to ones that spread light across an entire surface, our lighting consultants can help you find one that matches your needs and design preferences.

Recessed Lights

Recessed lights are best used as the ambient lighting source in your kitchen. In order to get the best distribution of light, you’ll want to install these throughout your kitchen evenly. This will make sure you have a balanced amount of lighting in each part of your kitchen. The places where you need extra lighting for specific tasks are better done by other types of light fixtures.

Remember to take into account the natural lighting of your kitchen, and design your lighting strategy so it works best both when the sun is out and when it’s down. Remember that you always have the option of installing dimmers to ensure you have the perfect amount of lighting whenever you need it.

Kitchen Drawers

Having light up kitchen drawers are like the icing on the cake. Soft LED lights are a great way to make your silverware sparkle in your drawer. Make sure you use a motion sensor to ensure the lights automatically turn on and off as you need them.

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