bedroomWhen you want to light a bedroom, there are several important lighting features that you want to cover. First, the bedroom is a space for sleeping and relaxing, which means that you don’t want overly bright lights that create a clinical atmosphere. Fortunately, there are many ways to generate enough light without resorting to blinding brightness. A small chandelier or ceiling fan with lights is a great way to provide centralized lighting that can be adjusted with dimmers. We also sell pendant lights and recessed lighting for more specialized looks that blend well with your decor.

Second, you do need some brighter lights for activities like reading. This can be accomplished with a variety of lamps or with specialized sconce lights that allow for certain sections of your bedroom to be illuminated while the rest remains darker.

Third, you might need some accent lighting to highlight any artwork and photographs that you have hanging in your bedroom. Accent and task lights are also helpful if you have a corner of your bedroom set up as an office space.

Contact the lighting experts at Butler Lighting today to find out how we can help you pick the right lighting fixtures for your bedroom. We have years of experience creating personalized lighting solutions for every size, shape, and type of bedroom. Our prices can’t be beat and neither can our selection of the newest, high-quality lights. Start shopping online, or stop by one of our showrooms to see how our lights will look in your home.