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Warm Up Your Winter Lighting

At Butler Lighting, we think there’s plenty to love about winter weather. However, we also know that it comes with some drawbacks as well. Even if it doesn’t get extremely cold here in North Carolina, we still experience those shorter days and longer nights that make things seem dark and bleak.

While there’s no way we can do anything about natural lighting and the length of days… the good news is that you can certainly create your own bright, cheery, and inviting atmosphere in the home (or your business) with the right lighting strategy.

That’s why we’re going to cover some of our most important winter lighting tips. Whether you’re entertaining family and friends during the holiday season, or simply need a lighting upgrade, our lighting designers are here to point you in the right direction.

Install A Warmer Colored Lightbulb

We’re starting these tips off with one of the easiest (and most cost-effective) things you can do to get a warmer, golden glow… simply swap out your lightbulbs.

A proper winter lighting strategy is all about creating a mood where people feel comfortable and welcome. Warmer colored lights help create an inviting atmosphere that’ll make your family (and guests) feel like the house is truly a home.

When it comes to lighting, the “temperature” of the light is measured in Kelvin. “Warmer” colors have lower numbers, while “cooler” numbers have higher numbers. When shopping for light bulbs, simply take a look at the Kelvin (K) temperature that’s listed on the box. You’ll want something that’s around 2,700 Ks or less.

Swap Out Lampshades

Swapping out lampshades is another great way to create a warm, inviting atmosphere during the winter. With so many options available, you’re sure to find a shade that’s crafted to match a winter aesthetic.

However, switching up lampshades is about much more than finding designs that fit with the season. Some lamp shades are designed to scatter light around the room, rather than simply provide it in a focused spot. If you’re looking for an inviting glow, choose a semi-opaque shade that’s made of cotton or linen. You can also use frosted glass.

Effective Use Of Winter Pendant Lighting

One of the major goals of a proper lighting strategy is to layer your lighting in such a way that creates softer shadows. Pendant lights are a great way to accomplish this, while creating attractive focal points in any room. You can even layer multiple pendants that hang at various heights to create even more visual interest.

Remember, the goal isn’t to wash the entire room with light, but to highlight key areas of aesthetic or functional purpose. You can also use wall lighting such as sconces to fill in the gaps and bring illumination to dark areas of the room.

Unbeatable Selection Of Winter Lighting Products At Butler Lighting

We trust you found the above tips helpful in helping you get started on a winter lighting strategy. While this is by no means exhaustive, it should spark some ideas and get you going with the correct mindset.

Creating a beautiful lighting strategy doesn’t have to be difficult, but we also understand that there’s simply no substitute for speaking with an expert designer. That’s why we employ some of the top lighting consultants in the region. They have an extensive knowledge of our inventory and can point you to the perfect fixtures to drive away the winter blues.

You can also get started browsing our online lighting catalog to get a full view of our entire inventory. Thanks for reading, and we wish you a merry and bright winter season.

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