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Kitchen Lighting


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Kitchen Ceiling Lighting

When it comes to kitchen lighting, you can use recessed lights to fill in the gaps from your task lighting strategy. While recessed lights are sleek and minimalist, they provide great ambient lighting to counter areas, stove tops, and are great for open floor plans.

Installing a variety of narrow beam and wide angle lights at opportune spots can give you even more flexibility and meet both ambient and task lighting needs.

Kitchen Pendants

Pendant lighting can provide valuable task lighting and ambient lighting in your kitchen. Thanks to the wide range of styles and sizes, you have quite a few options to find the perfect pendant light fixtures for your own unique aesthetic preferences and illumination needs.

If you’re struggling to find the right-sized pendant, one trick many lighting designers recommend is to blow up a balloon and hang it from a string. This is an affordable and efficient way to check sizing before you commit to buying a fixture

Light Hounslow Pendant
Light Large LED Pendant
Light Large Pendant
Light Medium Pendant

Kitchen Island Lights

Kitchen islands are great for prepping food, eating a quick meal, laying out your serving dishes, and more. As one of the most versatile surfaces in your kitchen, getting the right lighting over your island provides proper task lighting, as well as a stunning visual element.

One of the best things you can do to ensure you have the right amount of light over your island is install a dimmer for the fixtures, giving you optimal levels of control

While kitchens are largely utilitarian in purpose, that doesn’t mean you can’t go big when it comes to lightning. Installing a chandelier in your kitchen is a great way to draw attention and create a strong visual focal point, while providing balance, elegance, and sophistication. Whether you are choosing a crystal chandelier or a modern, minimalist design, don’t be afraid to contrast styles for an eclectic feel.

*Note: Hang your chandelier so you have at least 34 inches of clearance above a table top.

Light Chandelier
Light Small Chandelier
Hudson Valley Chandelier
Capital Chandelier

Kitchen Undercabinet Lighting

One of the best ways to cut down and shadows and brighten the spaces under counters is to install undercabinet lighting. Undercabinet lights come in bars, pucks, and even tape or rope lights. 

When choosing undercabinet lighting fixtures, be sure to consider your space and power options to ensure you purchase fixtures that can actually be installed. Otherwise, you may have to enlist the help of an electrician.

LED Rope Light
Unilume LED Direct Wire
Line 2.0 Edge Lit Task Light

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