Industrial Lighting In The Kitchen

One of the things we love most about industrial lighting in the kitchen is that it’s incredibly versatile. You can use industrial lighting to add a rustic touch to a modern kitchen. Or you can use it the other way around as well. 

Better yet, industrial style lighting is bound to be a lasting trend for kitchens due to its adaptable nature. You can find beautiful, affordable fixtures by browsing our catalog.

Industrial Lighting In The Dining Room

Dining room lighting is all about scale. Whether you are using industrial style pendants or chandeliers, you want to make sure that your lighting makes a statement while not overwhelming your guests. Dimmers can certainly help with this endeavor.

In the dining room, we’re big fans of industrial style down pendants with a glass shade and a chic iron finish. They can be used in a cluster or row if you need more light in a particular area.

Industrial Lighting In The Living Room

When it comes to living room industrial lighting, you can go as bold or as simple as you want to. One popular way to utilize industrial style lighting design in the living room is to install an industrial LED ceiling fan. This goes great with a modern or traditional style. 

You can also simply install a few industrial style sconces in key places around your living room for a more subdued, yet incredibly effective, look and feel.

Industrial Chandeliers

Unlike traditional crystal chandeliers that are massive and ornate, industrial style chandeliers are a great choice for a modern aesthetic in both homes and offices. They work great in dining rooms, foyers, and even bedrooms if you choose a mini chandelier.

Whether you are looking for a modern, rustic, or pure industrial style industrial fixture, Butler Lighting has an extensive array of lighting products to ensure you find the perfect one for your aesthetic and illumination needs.

Industrial Pendant Lighting

When you add the versatility of pendant lighting to an industrial style, you have a powerful combination. Whether you decide to use multi-light pendants or a single bold light fixture, you’ll have beautiful aesthetics and great illumination. When choosing your pendant lights, always consider ceiling height and slope to ensure the proper height for your fixture.

To achieve a utilitarian feel with your lighting, matte finishes and rugged detailing go a long way. However, those who prefer a refined look may appreciate bronze or brass with brown glass shades.