Bathroom Lighting

That bathroom is your oasis. At the very least, it’s often the closest you can get to complete privacy when you’re at home — especially if you have a big family. As such, it deserves a special amount of tender love and care.

However, on top of being the most private room in the house, it’s also one of the most frequently used. The bathroom more than any other room — perhaps beside the kitchen — may be the most important place where you need to ensure your lighting is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

When you’re in the market for brand new bathroom lights, Butler Lighting is here for you. While you can always browse our generous selection of residential and commercial lighting online, we want to invite you to stop into our Greensboro or High Point lighting showroom. Either way, you’ll find top-quality lighting fixtures from the industry’s leading manufacturers — for every design preference and budget.

From our selection of vanity light fixtures that hang above your sink to sconces that will give your walls the additional lighting they need, you’ll find everything you need to give your bathroom the complete makeover you’ve been wanting for years. We even offer bathroom exhaust vans to ensure you have proper ventilation.

The Butler Family has been in the lighting business for over 70 years, and our experience shows. Our lighting consultants offer top-tier design solutions to help you create the bathroom you love. You won’t find this level of expertise or service anywhere else. 

Bathroom Lights: Types & Styles

When you’re trying to come up with the ideal bathroom lighting, it’s important to think of the three types or functions of lighting: ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. 

Using these in proper conjunction is called layered lighting. Layering your lighting ensures you have the light you need for day-to-day use as well as specific lighting for the various tasks you need to accomplish in your bathroom. 

However, the lighting is not simply about function. You can also add your own personal stylistic flair by choosing an ornate flush mount or semi-flush mount. And if you really want to impress, adding a chandelier over the bathtub is a fairly common modern lighting trend.

When you shop at Butler Lighting, you’ll find a variety of bathroom lights that’ll meet your every design preference. Here are a few of the options you’ll find at our lighting showroom:

  • Vanity lights

    • Two-light fixtures
    • Three-light fixtures
    • Four-light fixtures
    • Fixtures for five and more lights
  • Bathroom sconces
  • Flush mounts
  • Semi-flush mounts
  • Chandeliers
  • Bathroom exhaust fans

Bathroom Lighting Tips

Trying to come up with the perfect bathroom lighting can feel more than a little overwhelming. That’s why Butler Lighting doesn’t just sell lights. We offer full-scale lighting design solutions. Here are some helpful guidelines to keep in mind when selecting your bathroom light fixtures.

Consider Natural Lighting

Natural lighting, or daylight, is one of the most powerful types of lighting. Not only can it lift your spirits, but it plays a pivotal role in your body’s sleep/wake cycle. When planning your bathroom lighting, it’s important to keep daylight in mind and use it to your advantage.

When you are thinking through updating your bathroom lighting, take some time throughout the day to peek into your bathroom and observe how the natural light behaves. See how it casts shadows, what it touches, what it doesn’t touch, etc. From there, it’ll be a lot easier to fill in the gaps with light fixtures.

Make The Best Use Of Wall Sconces

Having lighting above your vanity seems almost a given. However, one of the best things you can do for your bathroom lighting is to install a side-mounted sconce on either side of your vanity. This helps give you adequate lighting to accomplish a variety of tasks.

Use Layers Of Light

We mentioned the three types of lighting earlier (ambient, task, accent), and we’ll go into a little bit of detail here. Ambient lighting is your general lighting layer. This makes sure your bathroom has the general lighting it needs. However, it’s not the primary type of lighting to consider for your bathroom.

When it comes to bathroom lighting, task lighting is the key. Task lighting is great for making sure you have the light you need to see as you spend time in front of the mirror for your morning routine (i.e. putting on makeup or shaving). 

Finally, there’s accent lighting. Accent lighting is a great way to highlight specific interior design or decorative features in your bathroom. 

Side note: Toe kick lighting that’s strategically placed under the vanity is a great way to have the light you need to navigate the bathroom at night without having to strain your eyes by turning on brighter overhead lights.

Style Must Be Married To Function

This is directly tied to the tip above. While it’s important to consider the functionality of your bathroom, you also want to make it look beautiful, both in terms of the fixtures themselves as well as the light they cast.

Use Fixtures That Match

While your bathroom lights don’t have to match exactly in terms of brand and exact style, they should have similar finishes and colors. This will help maintain a consistent, sophisticated look. 

Often times bathroom lighting upgrades are made all at once. In that case, it’s easy to ensure uniformity. However, if you’re just upgrading some of the lighting in your bathroom, it’s especially important to take this tip into consideration. 

Prioritize Safety

At the end of the day, electricity and water are quite literally a killer combination. When you are developing a brand new bathroom lighting strategy, especially if you need to re-do the wiring in your bathroom, take the time to talk to a certified electrician. 

Shop For Your New Bathroom Lights In High Point & Greensboro

We hope some of the bathroom lighting tips we provided above were helpful. Of course, they’re no substitute for the expert advice of an experienced lighting professional. 

At Butler Lighting, we employ some of the finest lighting design specialists in the region. If you’ve read every online tip regarding bathroom lighting and still feel overwhelmed, or you could simply need a second opinion, visit our Greensboro or High Point lighting store. 

Our consultants will walk you through our massive inventory, helping you choose the bathroom fixtures that meet your needs, preferences, and budget. 

To meet with one of our lighting experts, simply stop by one of our showrooms, or schedule an appointment online. We look forward to helping you create the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.