Bathroom Recessed Ceiling Lighting

Getting your bathroom lighting strategy off on the right foot starts with ambient lighting. These versatile fixtures fit nicely into the ceiling and have an extremely low profile. This allows them to shine beautiful light throughout the room without drawing attention to the fixture itself. Spread them out evenly to ensure consistent lighting and excellent illumination.

Make sure you install fixtures with watertight lenses, especially over your shower, to ensure proper protection. These fixtures must be wet-rated, not simply damp-rated to ensure that you‘re up to code. Regular trimmed lighting can be used throughout the bathroom.

Bathroom Chandeliers & Pendants

If you want to add a flair of elegance to your bathroom, it’s hard to find anything that does that better than a tasteful chandelier or pendant. These light fixtures invoke a huge wow factor when hung over tubs. Whether you choose a classic design or something with a modern look and feel, they can take your bathroom to the next level.

If you are going to hang suspended lighting fixtures above your tub, you are required by the national electrical code to make sure they are at least eight feet above your tub. Keep that in mind when selecting your fixtures.

Bathroom Vanity Lights

Vanity lighting is all about ensuring you have the right amount of illumination to accomplish your daily tasks. Whether you have a single sink or a double sink, you’ll want to find vanity lights that provide adequate lighting and cut down on shadows. Downlights are particularly helpful for applying makeup and grooming tasks. These are great for full baths.

However, if you’re trying to light a half bath, we suggest using uplights. They do a great job of illuminating the room and giving sufficient light for anything that needs to be done.

Bathroom Sconces 

One of the most popular types of bathroom light fixtures are the wall scone. Bathroom wall sconces rely upon the wall’s support for suspension. Sconces can make a great alternative to vanity lighting since they provide task lighting near eye level. You also have a decent amount of flexibility when you decide to use either one or two light fixtures. 

While sconces used to serve as candleholders, modern versions of these fixtures are sleek and come in a variety of styles, designs, and materials. One of the most popular ways to utilize wall sconces in smaller bathrooms is to place a sconce on either side of the mirror.