Here at Butler Lighting, we love when our clients come to visit our lighting showroom in Greensboro or a surrounding location. We enjoy providing lighting consultations to help our customers determine the best style and design for their space. From bathroom lighting to outdoor lighting, we carry everything you need to make your next lighting upgrade a success.

Before you stop by and chat with our expert team about your lighting project, we encourage you to do these four things.

#1: Start Dreaming About Your Favorite Style

The first place to begin is with determining what your favorite style is and how you want to implement this with new lighting fixtures. Take the time to walk through every room or outdoor space you plan to renovate with new lighting. Assess the style you already have in place and then think about what direction you hope to take it.

For example, if you want to swap out old and, frankly, ugly fixtures that are covering ceiling lights in your living room, what are you hoping to replace them with? Do you want to create a more ornate style for the room or are you hoping to head towards a more modern and sleek look? Start thinking through which direction your design is headed and make notes about each room so you can remember what pieces you need.

Not only do you want to write down a list of the fixtures you will need to replace in each room, you can also add to the list areas you’d like to implement new lighting where none currently exists. Whether you are thinking about floor lamps or a stunning chandelier, take notes on every area you’d like to improve.

As you go through the dream design stage, make sure you take into consideration the design of your existing space. For example, while you might fall in love with sleek and modern fixtures for your home, will it clash with an ornate style of decor in the home? Consider how you will tie everything together so that new pieces bring out the best in your home, not stick out like a sore thumb.

#2: Come Up With An Estimated Budget

Once you have gone crazy dreaming up the best design ideas for your home, sit down and create a realistic budget for each space you are renovating. If you are focused on just the kitchen, create a lighting budget for that room. If you plan to swap out fixtures throughout the whole house, create an overall budget and then break down how much you’d like to spend in each space.

For example, if you plan to update the lighting in your kitchen, bathroom, and living room, think about which rooms will need the biggest budget and plan accordingly. You might only need to add a lamp to the living room but you hope to implement a whole slew of task lighting in the kitchen. Perhaps in the bathroom, you are opting for simple and economical lighting choices but you want to add a stunningly ornate chandelier to the entryway. You will want to budget extra for this space.

#3: Prioritize Your Projects

Now that you have an idea of your budget for each room, take the time to prioritize which projects are of the highest importance and which are the least important. This can help you when you visit our showroom in case you wind up falling in love with higher priced items for one room than planned. You will be able to use this prioritized list to decide whether or not you’d like to upgrade your lighting options for one space at the expense of putting off the renovation of another.

#4: Get Excited!

Finally, we invite you to bring your excitement to our showroom. When you arrive, you will be greeted by talented staff who can provide you with a lighting consultation and review all your proposed ideas. This will be an exciting experience as you see your dreams come to light. We know that as you browse our array of products, you will find your inspiration soars as your design pulls together.

Bonus Tip: Bring Lots Of Questions

Here at Butler Lighting, we are excited to help you plan your next lighting project. When you visit our lighting showroom in Greensboro or any of our surrounding locations, we hope you will also bring as many questions as you have for our team. From asking for help with design to requesting information on specific fixtures, we are ready to assist you! Stop by today.